Service offer

- Distribution of the Českobrodský zpravodaj
- Information about tourist attractions in Český Brod
- Information about tourist attractions in the area

- Information about the history of the city and historical monuments

- Information about cultural, sports and social events in the city and its surroundings
- Information about local services (accommodation, catering, taxi, list of entrepreneurs...)

- Information about transport connections

- Information about emergency telephone lines
- Advertisement board
- Annotated walk through the city
- Copying, scanning, lamination, ring binding
- Offer of free information leaflets about the surrounding area
- Offer of free pocket calendars
- Gothic underground tours with explanations in Czech
- Sale of promotional and souvenir items with motifs of the city of Český Brod

- Sale of promotional and souvenir items with motifs of regional landmarks
- Sale of maps

- Sale of regional publications
- Organization of cultural and social events

- Ticket sales of the Ticketportal network

- Sale of tickets for KD Svět in the GoOut network

- Rental of the town hall for educational and commercial purposes

- Rental and mediation of exhibitions in Šatlava Gallery

- Rent of underground space

- Rental of the KD Svět hall for the purpose of holding cultural and educational events

- Collection point for poster display at the company Rengl
- Free Wi-Fi
- Paid access to the Internet on public computers

  • Ceník poskytovaných služeb

    Ceník pronájmu Galerie Šatlava, historického podzemí, zasedací místnosti a propagačních skříněk

    Ceník pronájmu KD Svět

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