Municipal brewery


The archbishop of Prague, Arnošt of Pardubice, granted the right of brewing to the city as early as
1360. In 1437, Emperor Sigismund of Luxemburg elevated Brod to the status of a royal city and
confirmed the right of brewing and the right of miles. In the 16th century, production was transferred to several larger breweries and the town became the largest producer and exporter of beer in the kingdom. In 1576, a total of 42,350 hl of beer was taxed, which was a significant amount by the standards of the time. The glory of brewing was
unfortunately interrupted by the Thirty Years' War, during which the city was hit by several fires.
The steam-powered brewery, which was built in the quarry in the meantime, reported its first batch
on 4/21/1885. In this case, however, only until the Second World War, which for the brewery meant
nationalization, a gradual decline in the quantity and quality of beer, and then its complete closure in 1968.


In addition to the area serving as a commercial and administrative center, its owner renewed the
tradition of České Brod brewing. On 17 December 2018, i.e. 50 years after the closure of the brewery, the first test batch of Český Brod beer was brewed.

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